Pictured above from left to right: Dovetail Summer 2015 Interns Liam Krause, Didi Kim, Alex Van Vlaenderen, 

Cassie Baumgartner, Sunny Leung and Chrissy Johnson


Pictured above from left to right: Dovetail Summer 2014 Interns Stefan Schlitz, Jacquelyn Livingston, and John Owen;

Summer 2012 Interns Alyssa Tope, Kara Young, Jasmine Jones and Christine Forland


Dovetail has several internship opportunities. We offer opportunities year-round, including internships through the Environmental Sustainability Program of nonprofit Higher Education Consortium for Urban Affairs (HECUA) and the Community Assistantship Program (CAP) of the University of Minnesota's Center for Urban and Regional Affairs (CURA). Undergraduate and Graduate students, recent grads, and those with an interest in Dovetail's work are invited to contact us for more information about current opportunities. Intern projects are designed to help meet course or credit requirements whenever possible. Dovetail interns contribute directly to the success of specific projects and programs. Please contact us at (612) 333-0430 or for more information.


Current Interns

  • Izzy Ryde, Renewable Energy


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Intern Positions


Communications Internship


Support the expansion of Dovetail’s online community by helping promote the monthly e-newsletter and the resources available at the Dovetail website. The Communications Intern will assist with developing and distributing news releases, maintaining media contacts, and generating postings to Dovetail’s Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages. The Intern will also help track use and reference to Dovetail’s reports and activities.  Applicants should have an interest and background in communications, writing, editing, marketing and/or promotions.


Environmental Education Internship


Support the use and development of, a resource for teachers, students and others to learn more about forests and forest management.  Projects will include identifying additional resources to be added and helping maintain and promote the site with target audiences. Applicants should have an interest and background in education, environmental science and/or communications.


Policy Internship


Research and monitor local, national and international environmental policies. The Intern may be asked to attend legislative hearings or other events to gather information and report on policy trends and developments. Projects will vary depending on current policy actions. Applicants should have an interest and background in policy, law and the environment.


Responsible Materials Internship


Support the development of Dovetail’s Responsible Materials Program and assist with evaluations of material and environmental standards to identify opportunities for improvement and the impacts voluntary standards can have on building codes and public policy. Tools for completing the project may include independent research as well as stakeholder surveys and interviews. Position may also include researching green building events for the Dovetail website, seeking information about new advancements in green building, and assisting with the design and development of Dovetail's website. Applicants should have an interest and background in architecture, design, building, community development, and/or life cycle assessment.


Certification Internship


Assist in providing information related to forest and forest product certification, other green certification programs and material evaluations. Projects may include reseraching recent changes in certification programs and standards, developing templates and tools to help increase participating in certification and seeking answers to frequently asked questions about “green”.   Applicants should have an interest and background in forestry, natural resources, marketing, certification and/or material evaluations.


Responsible Recreation Internship


Assist in providing information related to land use planning, recreation trail management and tourism. Projects may include researching recent trends, research and data related to outdoor recreation and land use planning. Applicants should have an interest and background in natural resource, recreation management and/or land use planning.


Renewable Energy Internship


Assist in providing information related to renewable energy, including biomass utilization and bioenergy applications and technologies.  Projects may include developing information to address  frequently asked questions, evaluating the pros and cons of various energy alternatives and helping to update Dovetail's wepages addressing bioenergy information. Applicants should have an interest and background in mechanical or electrical engineering, natural resources and/or other natural science fields.