Dovetail has four program areas that help us meet our mission.





Dovetail promotes activities that conserve the world's natural resources, including forests. We envision a world where forests encompass the full spectrum of ecological attributes, and the industries and rural communities dependent on these forests thrive both economically and socially through their support of these attributes. We pursue this vision by supporting innovative approaches to sustainable forestry, such as forest certification, and we recognize people are a key resource for addressing the issues of sustainability.



Green Building


Dovetail provides information about green building and assistance with many of the programs that are currently available. Staff are experienced with green building practices, program standards, and project registration and certification processes. Dovetail Partners is a member of the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) and active in a number of green building programs including Minnesota GreenStar, Minnesota Green Communities, and LEED.



Land Use


Dovetail recognizes the links between sustainable forestry, responsible trade and consumption, and land use. Dovetail is interested in promoting land use research and planning and innovative programs that encourage and reward responsible land use activities. Dovetail is specifically interested in addressing and minimizing land use impacts on soil and water resources.



Responsible Materials


Dovetail works to create incentives that support the full spectrum of ecological attributes found in the forest and the social benefits provided by these forests. Dovetail has developed a "Responsible Materials Initiative" to provide and summarize information about available materials in a manner that best aids organizations and individuals in making sound and sustainable choices that they fully understand. There is a need to transform forest-based industries that are currently limited by a reliance on the traditional industrial model, which focuses on commoditization and lowest unit cost, to a new paradigm that concentrates on markets and products.