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Jeff Howe is passionate about helping leaders and organizations through major periods of change. He has over 40 years successful hands-on leadership experience in the forest products industry, including time as CEO and/or President of several companies.  Organizations under Jeff’s leadership have received awards such as MN Handicapped employer of the year, WI Environmental Company of the year, and consistently ranked in Wood & Wood Products Magazines Top 100. Read more....






Kathryn Fernholz has worked on development and forest management issues in a range of roles and is also an experienced forest certification lead auditor. She has been a leader within the forestry community in the Upper Midwest through her service as Chair of the Minnesota Society of American Foresters and her appointment to the Minnesota Forest Resources Council. Read more....





Harry Groot has consulted with over 300 firms, mostly  within the forest products sector, focusing on business and manufacturing issues, including operations improvement, streamlining management systems, quality program implementation, facilities, logistics, equipment design and specification, and rural economic development. He has particular interest in helping small businesses prosper, assisting cooperative enterprises to succeed, implementing appropriate technologies, and facilitating triple bottom line outcomes. Read more....





Linda Stevenson, M.A., Principal of Stevenson & Associates, consults with organizations, associations, and communities to unleash creativity and commitment through powerful collaborations. She specializes in the process of “Open Space” to create a context for meaningful dialogue, to discover hidden talents and resources, to build genuine community, to enhance levels of trust, to experience authentic and adaptive leadership, and to transform potential conflict into effective, efficient results. Read more....





Patrick O'Brien is one of the most experienced facilitators of organizational change in the Twin Cities area. He is recognized for applying creativity and a focus on the whole person to his work with individuals and groups facing change and is dedicated to building healthy and successful organizations in all sectors. He is particularly skillful in coaching leaders to become wiser and more knowledgeable in their roles.

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How Can Dovetail Help?


Dovetail Partners bring the tools, facilitation, processes, creativity, experience, expertise, and knowledge of resources that accelerate company’s ability to adapt and adopt successful practices and behaviors. For details, click on Services below.


Dovetail also thrives on partnering with other NGOs and consultants to achieve outcomes for their clients. Contact us if you are looking for a partner on your next project!



Why Seek Help?


It often seems there is an expectation leaders need to solve their own problems; that is if they deserve to be the leader, they should know all the solutions. However, with the dramatic changes in the world such as:


  • New technologies (social networking)
  • Global Trade
  • More diverse workforce
  • More diverse leadership groups (e.g. more women and younger)
  • And new business paradigms



Can Your Culture Drive Success?


Yes! Today the clear trend is for people wanting more than just money from their job; and there is clear evidence that people will sacrifice money for a satisfying job, and a rewarding career. Ben & Jerry’s, Patagonia, Netflix are all examples of companies that became by creating cultures that both attracted the best and brightest employees and where those employees can thrive. People are the key resource of the future. Your organization’s ability to attract, retain, develop and coordinate great people is paramount. It won’t happen accidentally!