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Dovetail Services


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Assessment & Analysis


To achieve your goals you have to start with a mutual understanding of where you are, as a person, as leaders or as an organization.  Dovetail can quickly assess, analyze and recommend next steps for you, your team and your organization that can then be accomplished by yourself or with our help.





The key to success is in developing a plan that has both buy-in and personal commitment.  Dovetail’s planning process utilizes the Mobius Model® developed by William Stockton to ensure collaboration and commitment among all parties.  We can lead you through a complete planning process from start to finish quickly and economically or simply guide you through the process on your own.  In addition, plans are living, breathing documents meant to be contrasted against actual performance regularly such that activities can be adjusted, as needed to stay on course.  We can provide you the meeting management tools to accomplish that quickly and effectively.



Personal Coaching/Mentoring/Leadership Development


The old adage “great leaders are born, not made” is simply not true.  Great leadership is the sum of our experiences, skills, education, training, and development. Great leaders identify clear role models, successful practices, effective systems, and personal behaviors that result in success in the organization.


Personal coaching can provide the support for attainment of those skills and abilities that allow a person to truly claim who they are and become a high performing leader. The basis of personal coaching is in learning to master the following skills:


  • Trust Building
  • Collaboration
  • Facilitation
  • Team Building
  • Ability to create and communicate a compelling Vision
  • Personal Discipline
  • Capacity for whole systems thinking
  • Celebration and fun


Personal coaching focuses on helping you develop into the leader you are meant to be!





Facilitation is both an art and a science.  It’s goal is to insure the perspectives, skills, experiences, ideas, and abilities of each and every participant are accessed and incorporated appropriately into collaborative solutions. Good facilitation is an essential skill for leading efficient meetings and becoming an effective leader in order to utilize the entire human potential that is available. Today, these are not just in person skills but also the ability to incorporate the latest technology into processes that can include human resources globally.


Dovetail team members can facilitate both intimate gatherings and large community meetings.  Using a variety of techniques, including Open Space Technology, Dovetail can help you achieve the outcomes you need in a fun, constructive way.



Shared Leadership is critical to dealing with the wide array and rapidly changing set of issues organizations face today.  The keys to Shared Leadership are Team Building and Creative Leadership skills.



Team Building


Not all teams are created equal! There are a lot of activities done in the name of “team,” a lot of money invested in what are described as “team building” activities, and there is a time and place for each of these. However, without key agreements, key tools, key processes team-building can be a frustrating, time wasting, morale destroyer.


Dovetail works with teams to create the structure, systems and processes that enhance the success and performance of teams. Although outside team activities such as “ropes” programs have their place and time, Dovetail focuses on creating those systems in-office that lead to high performance teams.


Great leadership teams get more done, more quickly, more efficiently, and more happily than individuals can alone. Great teams have:


  • Clear purpose
  • Clear goals
  • Clear roles and responsibilities
  • Clear expectations as to ground rules and values
  • Individual autonomy
  • Clear support for each other
  • A high level of personal mastery
  • Agreed on processes and procedures
  • Are invested in each other’s success (e.g. incentives)
  • Have the ability to celebrate and recognize each other
  • Have high accountability to each other and the team
  • The key is to develop a clear understanding and expectation for what makes and defines your team as great!



Creative Leadership Model


Creative Leadership is a “people-centric” model, focused on:


  • Hiring the right people
  • Having diverse perspectives
  • Creating a safe environment to take risks and fail
  • Developing the leadership skills to maximize team effectiveness
  • Ability to identify individual skills and abilities needed…and to attract them
  • Willingness to step outside the box and try things that you haven’t done before
  • Ability to recognize how diverse perspectives creates conflict and to access it as a source of creativity
  • Ability to direct people whose skills and interests vary widely from your own
  • Ability to recognize your own weaknesses and supplement them with the skills of others
  • Ability to motivate and develop others