Celebrate Ecosystem Resilience and the Importance of Sustainable Forest Management on Earth Day





(Minneapolis, MN) - In honor of Earth Day, Dovetail Partners, a Minneapolis-basedenvironmental think tank, invites everyone to celebrate ecosystem resilience and the importance of sustainable forest management. A recent video titled "Sustaining Our Forests" produced by Boise Paper features Dovetail's Executive Director, Kathryn Fernholz. The video showcases the role sustainable forest management and wood products manufacturing have in aiding the environmental health of our planet. Common paper and recycling myths are discussed, highlighting how responsible use of wood-based products help keep American forests resilient and thriving.


90 percent of wood harvested in the U.S. for products like paper and lumber are made from trees grown on privately owned forestland. In order to maintain healthy forests and all of the ecological benefits they provide us, we must make certain that they are sustainably managed and harvested. By selectively harvesting for timber, landowners are provided income to support their families and an incentive for preserving forestlands from increasing agricultural and urban development pressures. Learn more about how responsible forestry practices in the U.S. can strengthen natural ecosystems and support ecological resiliency in the video above.


Celebrate further by joining Dovetail Partners, Boise Paper, Arbor Day Foundation, and environmental blogger Eco Chick to share recycling tips and learn how to ensure healthy forested landscapes are protected for future generations. Join us at 3:00pm EST today, Friday, April 22nd, for a #PaperSavesTrees Twitter Chat & Sweepstakes. Prizes will be offered throughout! 


"Forests and trees provide a wide variety of environmental, social and economic benefits including improved air quality, carbon sequestration, wildlife habitat, an array of renewable wood and non-wood products, and enrichment of our cities and towns," states Kathryn Fernholz. "Celebrate Earth Day this year by learning more about forests and supporting the protection of our environment through sustainable forest management."