Dovetail Partners Announces Focus on Influencing Agricultural Practices, Welcomes Matt Frank as New Director of Regenerative Design & Sustainable Food Systems, Begins Incubating From the Ground Up North


(Minneapolis, MN) - Dovetail Partners, a Minneapolis-based environmental think tank, is pleased to announce a new strategic goal of influencing agricultural practices and expectations that highlight those in need of significant improvement. Since its founding in 2003, Dovetail has become a highly regarded, authoritative source of trusted environmental information, particularly in the fields of forestry, certification, green building, land use planning and management, and responsible materials and consumption. Adding a focus in sustainable agricultural practices and environmental issues specific to this field will enable Dovetail to leverage its expertise in order to continue positively impacting change and decision making within a related sector.


As a result of adopting this strategic position, Dovetail is pleased to welcome Matt Frank as their new Director of Regenerative Design & Sustainable Food Systems. Matt has served as a Dovetail Associate since 2008 and brings with him to this role an educational background and research experience in regenerative landscape design and sustainable agricultural practices. Since joining Dovetail, Matt has served as the lead author on a number of research reports centered on the topics of urban agriculture and permaculture design, policies, programs and analysis. Matt holds a Bachelor of Environmental Design with a focus in landscape architecture and urban planning from the University of Minnesota and is a Certified Permaculture Designer and a Certified Urban Farmer.


"Matt has been a key member of the Dovetail team over the past seven years," states Kathryn Fernholz, Dovetail's Executive Director. "We're excited to see his leadership skills evolve and are encouraged by his passions for addressing environmental, economic and social opportunities within our current agricultural food systems."


In addition, Dovetail has begun to incubate a sustainable agriculture education initiative that Mr. Frank founded in early 2015 named From the Ground (FTG) Up North. FTG Up North is a grassroots organization dedicated to cultivating awareness of healthy food, healthy environments and healthy communities through story telling, advocacy and resource sharing in order to inspire and empower others to become stewards of the land and one another. In this unique role as both Director at Dovetail and Founder at FTG Up North, Mr. Frank will continue building partnerships with regional organizations and people to conduct sustainable agriculture research and implement on-the-ground, community-based projects that address food justice, human health and environmental sustainability issues.


"I am honored to have received this opportunity and look forward to further developing Dovetail's expertise in the sustainable agriculture sector and From the Ground Up North's capacity and reach in the local community," says Matt Frank.


To learn more about From the Ground Up North, visit:



About From the Ground Up North
From the Ground (FTG) Up North is an educational initiative based in the Twin Cities focused on highlighting sustainable agriculture-based businesses, grassroots organizations, nonprofits, educators, farmers, advocates and artists throughout greater Minnesota and Wisconsin with a focus on urban and rural spaces and the connections in between. FTG Up North serves as a digital education resource hub for those interested in learning more and provides opportunities to get involved in a thriving local food scene and economy Up North. FTG Up North strives to address food system issues, related social inequalities, and opportunities for improving equitable access to human and environmental health.