Dovetail Partners Charts Path for Environmental Leadership

Board members identify priorities and emerging opportunities


(Mpls, MN) -  Dovetail Partners, a Minneapolis-based environmental think tank, recently held their annual meeting with their Board of Advisors. The goal was to evaluate the current state of environmental issues and to identify emerging leadership opportunities and priorities. Along with staff, associates and the Board of Directors, Dovetail’s Board of Advisors has nine members that provide diverse perspectives on a range of important environmental topics.


“Dovetail Partners is committed to being a trusted source of environmental information and to delivering science to decision-making,” commented Kathryn Fernholz, Executive Director for Dovetail Partners, “Our Advisors are an important sounding board for our work and a source of valuable expertise that helps us prepare to lead on emerging issues.”


The two-day meeting held in St. Paul, Minnesota on April 2nd and 3rd resulted in the identification of seven key areas of interest for Dovetail Partners, including green building, carbon science, certification, biomass energy, food systems, water sustainability, and the re-emergence of industrial centers as the economy recovers.


“We recognize the potential for dynamic change in the coming years, and the environment will be a pivot point for these changes. To chart a positive direction it is absolutely essential that science be the foundation of our policies and actions,” said Fernholz.


More information and the complete membership of Dovetail Partners’ Board of Advisors is available at:




About Dovetail Partners


Dovetail Partners provides authoritative information about the impacts and trade-offs of environmental decisions, including consumption choices, land use, and policy alternatives.  Dovetail is a highly skilled team that fosters sustainability and responsible behaviors by collaborating to develop unique concepts, systems, models and programs. Dovetail Partners is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation.