Dovetail Partners Establishes Project Manager for Recycling & Reuse



Steve Bratkovich joins Dovetail with more than 32 years of experience


Minneapolis, Minn. (10/17/07) - Dovetail Partners, a non-profit based in Minneapolis recently announced the establishment of a new position.


Steve Bratkovich, with more than 32 years of forestry and forest products experience, is Dovetail's Project Manager for Recycling and Reuse.


“It is great to add Steve to our team,” says Kathryn Fernholz, Executive Director for Dovetail Partners. “He helps strengthen and diversify Dovetail's skills related to responsible materials and responsible trade.”


Most recently, Steve worked with the State and Private Forestry branch of the USDA Forest Service. His areas of expertise include marketing and strategic planning, urban wood utilization, and sustainable forest management. He has authored over 100 forestry-related articles and reports, and currently serves as an Associated Editor for the Journal of Forestry and is Managing Editor forIndependent Sawmill and Woodlot Management's “Green Column.”


In 2002, Steve received the Excellence in Technology Transfer award from the Chief of the USDA Forest Service. Steve has also received outstanding service awards from the Ohio and Minnesota Society of American Foresters.


In his new position, Steve will be a contributing author for Dovetail's newsletter and reports. Steve will also serve as a project manager and team member for programmatic work related to the development of recycling and reuse efforts, including research and projects related to improved utilization and business diversification.