Dovetail Partners Identifies Forest Education Sites Around the Country

Interactive Map of 50 places for outdoor education


(Mpls, MN) If you're looking for a last minute Labor Day trip for your family or if you need a class field trip destination, chances are there is a forestry education site that will fit the bill.


"We've identified 50 places around the United States where citizens, families, teachers and students can learn about forests, their management and benefits," says Kathryn Fernholz, Executive Director of Dovetail Partners, the Minneapolis-based non-profit that gathered the education site information.


A map of forestry sites and a downloadable listing are available at the Dovetail Partners website. The information contains 50 sites, including locations in more than 20 different states.


Included in the list are sites as diverse the Giant Forest Museum in Sequoia National Park, California; the Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center in Finland, Minnesota; and the Urban Forestry Center in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.



"The list keeps growing as we identify additional locations and as people send us information - it would be great to include sites outside of the U.S as well, and we invite people to send us ideas," says Matt Frank, Program Assistant at Dovetail Partners.


For more information and to view the map or download the complete listing of forestry education sites, visit: