Dovetail Partners Launches Speakers Bureau

Access to expert speakers on diverse environmental topics


(Mpls, MN) – Dovetail Partners, a Minneapolis-based non-profit, has launched aSpeakers Bureau to provide access to experts on diverse environmental topics and to deliver information to a full range of audiences.


Our team of speakers includes experts on a full range of topics – including sustainable forestry and land management, environmental policy, responsible consumption, green building, green marketing, environmentally-focused business management, systematic assessment of environmental impacts, urban forestry and agriculture, bio-energy and many other topics,” said Kathryn Fernholz, Executive Director for Dovetail Partners.


Launched this summer, the Speakers Bureau provides online access to information about available presenters.  A list of potential presentations, areas of expertise and keynote topics are provided.  Speaker biographies and brief YouTube videos provide additional information.


“These speakers offer a wealth of information and engaging presentation styles and skills. Dovetail’s mission is to be a trusted source of environmental information, and sometimes it helps to deliver the information in person, “ noted Fernholz.


The current line-up of Dovetail Speakers includes:


Kim Carlson is a high profile socially responsible business leader and eco-prenuer. She is founder and owner of five companies that use earth-friendliness as their driving force. She was a pioneer in the green housing movement in the early 90's and since has been a keynote speaker for corporations, universities, governments and consumer groups on sustainability.


Jim Bowyer, Ph.D is an international expert on responsible materials, life cycle assessment, green building, and emerging issues related to our environment.  Jim is a frequent speaker to audiences of architects, builders, policy makers and other general audiences.


Steve Bratkovich, Ph.D has 36 years of forestry and forest products experience. He has worked for many years on urban wood utilization including an emphasis in helping communities and businesses turn fallen street trees into valuable wood products. Steve also has a background in marketing and strategic planning; primary and secondary wood processing; and sustainable forest management.


Jeff Howe, Ph.D is an expert on creating Learning Organizations and on implementing organizational change. He has over 20 years of successful hands-on leadership experience in industry, including time as CEO and President of several companies recognized as leaders in environmentally and socially responsible practices.


Kathryn Fernholz is a forester and an expert on trends in sustainable forestry and the evolution of forest certification.  She frequently speaks to business audiences about engaging in certification opportunities and to general audiences that have an interest in caring for and understanding our forest resources.


Visitors to the Speakers Bureau website can use online forms to inquire about speaker availability and booking details.


For more information about Dovetail Partners and to access the Speakers Bureau, visit: