Dovetail Partners Provides Information about Emerald Ash Borer

Update Addresses Invasive Species and Firewood Movement Threat


(Mpls, MN) – Information available from Dovetail Partners, a Minneapolis-based non-profit organization, addresses common questions about the threat posed by the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB). The insect is an invasive pest that threatens to devastate native ash tree populations.


“The spread of EAB has been linked to the movement of firewood from infested to non-infested areas,” says Steve Bratkovich of Dovetail Partners and author of the report. “The consequences of the spread of EAB to firewood producers, marketers, and users is significant.”


First issued in April 2008, the report has been updated this month to addresses the current status of EAB and firewood movement in the United States. The report includes details about where infestations have been identified, quarantines, regulations, and options for the firewood industry.


“In May 2009, EAB was discovered in Minnesota,” says Bratkovich. “Minnesota joins the list of eleven other states having confirmed EAB populations and local citizens need to be vigilant about not moving firewood and ash products around.”


State quarantines make it illegal to move ash trees, ash logs, ash branches, other ash materials and products. Violations of the quarantine can result in a fine of up to $7,500 per day of violation. Many states have also adopted specific regulations restricting the movement of hardwood (non-coniferous) firewood.


“The Minnesota State Legislature passed a law in 2007 restricting firewood movement and establishing a list of approved firewood dealers,” says Bratkovich. “The Forest Service and County Land Departments have taken action to restrict firewood, so the best advice is to leave your firewood at home and buy what you need when you get to your destination.”


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