Dovetail Partners Pursues Green Building Certification



Eco-Affordable Housing Project Registered for LEED-H

Minneapolis, Minn. (7/30/07) – Green building has been developing rapidly as a tool to encourage and recognize energy-efficient and environmentally friendly design and construction.



“There are many different green building programs available. It's important to shop around and dig into the details to find the best fit for a particular project,” says Alison Lindburg, Director of the Eco-Affordable Housing Program at Dovetail Partners.


For a new building project in northwestern Minnesota, Dovetail Partners is pursuing certification through the new housing standard from the US Green Building Council.


The eco-affordable housing project in Greenbush, Minnesota is registered to pursue LEED-H certification.



The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program is the US Green Building Council's green building rating system. It is the referenced green building standard for many public and private interests across the country.



“It will be interesting to see how LEED and other green building rating systems perform in rural communities like Greenbush,” says Lindburg. “To date the focus for green building has been in urban and suburban areas. There are significant opportunities for innovative green building in rural communities, we just don't know yet if the existing certification programs are the right fit.”



Dovetail is documenting the experiences of the project and the green building certification process. Information about the project is being shared through the Dovetail website and e-newsletter. Alison has also posted information at her personal blog, available at:



Certificate recognizing Dovetail Partners as "a builder participating in the LEED for Homes Pilot Demonstration, with a commitment to actively promoting the transformation of the mainstream home building industry toward more sustainable practices."