Dovetail Partners to Host Vital Forests/Vital Communities Reunion

A reflection on five years of progress


(Mpls, MN) - This fall Dovetail Partners will host Vital Forests/Vital Communities: A Reunion and Reflection on 5 Years of Progress. The event will bring together past participants of Blandin Foundation’s VF/VC initiative and other interested stakeholders to review outcomes of the VF/VC activities that occurred from 2003-2009, discuss developments in Minnesota's forests and forestry over the past five years, and look forward to the future. The reunion, supported in part by a Blandin Foundation grant, will take place on Wednesday October 23rd, 2013 at the Cloquet Forestry Center.


"Vital Forests/Vital Communities stirred public interest in forests at a time when increased attention was very much needed – raising awareness of forestry and forest issues on the part of Minnesotans and those in leadership positions across the state. Blandin also facilitated a number of new initiatives and was key to establishment of the largest conservation easement in Minnesota's history," states Jim Bowyer, Dovetail’s Director of Responsible Materials.


Vital Forests/Vital Communities was created by Blandin Foundation to strengthen and diversify Minnesota’s forest-based economy and promote the long-term ecological health of the forest resource that supports it. The initiative, which concluded in 2009, developed and implemented strategies to promote vital forest-based economies and their relationship to healthy forest ecosystems and healthy communities. These strategies are continually carried out through various VF/VC projects across the state.


“Vital Forests/Vital Communities initiative provided a framework for people who care about Minnesota’s forests and forest-dependent communities to work together for shared goals,” states Dr. Kathy Annette, Blandin Foundation CEO. “We commend Dovetail Partners for taking the initiative to rekindle the flame of these efforts and re-ask the question, ‘What can we do together that we can’t do alone?’ This is an important question at a critical time for Minnesota’s forest-based economies and communities.”


Kathryn Fernholz, Dovetail's Executive Director, states, "The work that Blandin Foundation has executed since the initiative's inception is vital to ensuring better forests for future generations. We look forward to gathering this fall to explore the results of years of hard work."



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Blandin Foundation stands with rural Minnesota communities as they imagine and claim ambitious, vibrant futures. Based in Grand Rapids, Minn., it is one of only a handful of foundations in the U.S. focused exclusively on rural communities and the largest rural-based private foundation in Minnesota. Details of the Vital Forests/Vital Communities initiative can be found online at