Dovetail Partners to Investigate the Impacts of Bio-Energy Policies and Incentives on Biomass-Based Industries

(Mpls, MN) – Dovetail Partners has initiated a project to evaluate the impacts of federal and state policies and incentives related to promoting bio-energy production, while also considering potential impacts of rising energy prices.  The investigation will specifically address impacts of bioenergy subsidies and financial incentives, as well as rising fossil fuel costs, on existing biomass-based industries.


This project, Incentivizing Bio-energy While Protecting Established Biomass-Based Industries will improve the existing biomass-based industry’s understanding of the opportunities and threats of bioenergy incentives and investments and rising fossil fuel costs in order to identify win-win scenarios.


“This project will shed light on the interactions between established industries and emerging policies and trends,” says Jim Bowyer, project manager with Dovetail Partners.


The project is supported through a grant awarded by the Wood Education and Resource Center, Northeastern Area State and Private Forestry, U.S. Forest Service.


“The results of the project can help inform policy decisions as well as actions taken by forest sector and bio-mass based industries,” says Bowyer.


The project was initiated in June 2010 and final results will be available in mid-2011. A final report will be prepared and made available.  A webinar will also be hosted to share the outcomes.