Dovetail Partners to Present Business Tools for the Wood Products Industry

Educational opportunities to highlight best marketing practices, green marketing strategies and employee empowerment


(Mpls, MN) - Jeff Howe, Dovetail Partners' Chairman and President, will be presenting at this year's Association of Woodworking & Furnishings Suppliers (AWFS) Fair. Howe will deliver two seminars, "Doubling Sales: Integrating Best Marketing Practices to Achieve Growth" and “Marketing to an Increasingly Green Marketplace”, and will participate in a panel discussion titled, “Empowering Employees for Radical Results.”


"Doubling Sales: Integrating Best Marketing Practices to Achieve Growth" will provide an understanding of marketing as a critical sequence of events, with clear action items and next steps identified for every stage of the process. This presentation will allow attendees to quickly put ideas into practice. Drawing on years of executive experience in the wood manufacturing arena and a doctorate in marketing, Howe will address specific strategies for increasing sales, improving margins and using marketing tools to tackle the unique challenges faced by wood products companies. Key steps will be detailed, along with examples from the wood products industry, to aid in the discussion. Additional areas of discussion will include how to measure and manage profits, pricing, and the prioritization of business activities.


“Marketing to an Increasingly Green Marketplace” will closely examine green market segments and provide a number of marketing ideas specific to wood. The presentation will include actual concepts and messages that wood products companies can incorporate as part of their marketing efforts to differentiate their products. This seminar will also highlight the critical sequence of events that needs to occur for successful marketing outcomes and outline the product adoption process and its importance in building lasting customer relationships.


For those wishing to improve employee relations and their company's workplace environment, the panel discussion will highlight practical steps for empowering employees. Techniques shared by Howe and the other panelists will reveal how the company environment impacts individual accountability and show how well-managed leadership activities are critical to increasing the speed and quality of the organization’s reaction to market needs.


The AWFS Fair will take place at the Las Vegas Convention Center July 24th-27th, 2013.


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The AWFS is a national trade association in the U.S. representing the interests of a broad array of companies that supply the home and commercial furnishings industry, including manufacturers and distributors of machinery, hardware, lumber, upholstery materials, bedding components, wood products and other supplies. AWFS works closely with other trade associations on issues of mutual concern in order to strengthen and develop industry education.