Dovetail to Present Webinar on Wood Recycling

(Mpls, MN) - Steve Bratkovich, Dovetail Partners' Project Manager for Recycling & Reuse, will be presenting a webinar on wood recycling on October 15th. The webinar, titled Wood Recycling - How Far We've Come and What's Happening Next, will present information about solid wood products recycling. The event is hosted by the Sustainable Forests Education Cooperative and registration is open to all interested individuals and organizations.


Recycling is widely recognized as an environemntally preferable behavior and many forest products such as paper and packaging already have well established collection programs. In this webinar Mr. Bratkovish will discuss the current state of recycling for dimensional lumber and other solid wood products like pallets, rail road ties and consumer goods.


Steve has 38 years of forestry and forest products experience. His areas of expertise include urban wood utilization; business, marketing and strategic planning; primary and secondary wood processing; and sustainable forest management. Steve has authored over 175 forestry-related publications, articles and reports, and is a frequent contributor to forestry and industry trade journals. He is a self-employed forestry consultant and frequently speaks across the country on urban wood use topics.


"Solid wood is a naturally renewable material, which makes it the perfect candidate for recovery and recycling," says Bratkovich.

The webinar will take place on Tuesday October 15th from 9:00am - 10:00am (CST). To register for the event, please visit:




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