Dovetail to Serve as Upper Midwest Coordinator for FAC Network

(Mpls, MN) - Dovetail Partners, an environmental think-tank, announces its role serving as the Upper Midwest Coordinator for the Fire Adapted Communities (FAC) Learning Network. The FAC Network is a pilot project funded through the US Forest Service’s (USFS) Fire Adapted Communities (FAC) program, which invests in a wide range of partnerships and programs to promote the mitigation of wildfire threats and impacts to communities. They support the Firewise Communities/USA recognition program, Ready, Set, Go!, Community Wildfire Protection Plans, and lead the national Fire Adapted Communities Coalition, among other efforts.


Fire adapted communities are ones that take responsibility for ensuring the protection of their residents, infrastructure, natural areas and assets from wildfire risk. To become fire adapted, communities take actions to address wildfire threats specific to their location and risk conditions. The more actions a community takes, the more fire adapted it becomes.


The FAC Network is a national network of partners working to accelerate the adoption, innovation and diffusion of best practices associated with FAC programs and strategies across communities and geographies.  It seeks to reduce wildfire risks for individuals and communities by providing education, access to information and expertise. Coordinators and participants will synthesize learning from community-lead and regional efforts, providing a feedback loop to the FAC Coalition and federal program leaders to more efficiently and effectively support fire adapted communities.


"Wildfire mitigation efforts are incredibly important for communities that live in areas prone to risk and Dovetail is excited to begin working in collaboration with other respected FAC Network partners to make the project a success moving forward", states Kathryn Fernholz, Dovetail's Executive Director.


Dovetail's involvement in the FAC Network includes assisting with community-driven wildfire risk reduction efforts in the Upper Midwest region. Dovetail is involved with data compilation, analysis of existing programs and partnerships, and working with partners to develop future strategies for program implementation and partnership growth.


To learn more about fire adapted communities and available resources and opportunities for reducing wildfire risks, visit:




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