Ecofootprint Program Grant Awarded to Dovetail Partners to Support Northern Minnesota Bat Research and Education with Forest Land Managers


(Minneapolis, MN) - Dovetail Partners, a Minneapolis-based non-profit environmental group was the recipient of an Enbridge $50,000 Ecofootprint Grant. Funds donated to Dovetail Partners will support efforts addressing Northern Minnesota Bat Research and Education.


"There are significant needs for research and education to improve our understanding of the habitat needs of forest-dwelling bats in Northern Minnesota," says Kathryn Fernholz, Executive Director of Dovetail Partners. "We are grateful to Enbridge for their grant support and to our project partners who are helping us continue this work. We look forward to sharing our results with land managers throughout the region."


The project is a collaborative effort between Dovetail Partners and land managers in Northern Minnesota, including Aitkin County Land Department, Carlton County Land Department, and UPM Blandin. The Long Lake Conservation Center, an environmental learning center in Aitkin County, is also a partner to assist with the education goals of the project.


This grant program is administered by the MN Association of Resource Conservation and Development Councils. "We are excited for the opportunity to connect local conservation projects with this new funding source" stated John Beckwith, MARC&D Executive Director.


Information about Dovetail’s project activities related to Northern Minnesota Bat Research and Education is available at the webpage addressing Bat-Friendly Forestry, available at:


More information about Dovetail Partners can be found online at


Enbridge is pleased to be providing a total of $3 million in funding over three years to help protect and restore the natural environment in communities in North Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin along the Sandpiper and Line 3 Replacement Projects. Eligible organizations include non-profit 501(c)3 organizations, Native American tribes, state government agencies, local governments and post-secondary academic institutions. Enbridge has selected the Minnesota Association of Resource Association of Resource Conservation and Development Councils to administer the grant program.


Interested applicants can learn more about the grant program by visiting or for details.



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