Event to Address Opportunities for Forests in Carbon Markets

Workshop and Field Tour June 9th-10th


(Mpls, MN) - The global carbon market grew to $136 billion with 8.2 billion tons of carbon dioxide traded in 2009. The global forest carbon markets were roughly $40 million. According to the Department of Energy, domestic demand for forest carbon offsets could grow at least 100 times by 2020.


On June 9th and 10th, the “Working Forests & Carbon” event will be held at the Long Lake Conservation Center in Palisade, Minnesota and will address the expanding opportunities for forestry carbon projects.


“Forests store carbon and forestry practices to enhance carbon storage are good forestry. I think that exploring the carbon markets as a means to reward good forestry is a worthwhile venture; regardless of your views on climate change,” said Mark Jacobs, Land Commissioner for the Aitkin County Land Department and co-host for the event.


A full-day workshop on June 9th will provide information addressing carbon storage in harvested wood products, forest management for carbon storage, and the details of developing forest-based offset projects. On June 10th, a field tour will view responsible forest management practices that enhance carbon storage.


“Forests have a critical role to play in meeting goals for carbon storage – including opportunities to support responsible forest management and the use of wood as a carbon storing building product,” says Kathryn Fernholz, Executive Director of Dovetail Partners, a Minneapolis-based non-profit organization and event co-host.


Joel Levin from the Climate Action Reserve and Nicholas Martin of the American Carbon Registry (ACR) will participate in the workshop and present information about their offset protocols and markets.


“The non-profit American Carbon Registry and its parent Winrock International have been working since the mid-1990s to set the bar for transparency, environmental integrity, and quality in forest carbon offsets,” says Nicholas Martin, Chief Technical Officer for the American Carbon Registry and workshop presenter. “ACR looks for solutions that provide flexibility for the broadest possible participation in carbon markets, while ensuring that forest offsets are of the highest quality, additional to business as usual, permanent, net of leakage, third-party verified, and designed to deliver environmental and economic co-benefits.”


According to Joel Levin, VP of Business Development for the Climate Action Reserve and workshop presenter, “Because of their natural process for sequesting carbon, forests can definately play a natural - and integral - role in providing offset credits for a carbon market.  The key is to ensure forest offset projects are real, additional, verifiable, enforceable and permanent. This kind of assurance can be achieved through transparent, rigorous project standard."


Mike DeBonis, Executive Director of the Forest Guild, a national professional forestry organization, will address forest management considerations. Dr. Jim Bowyer of Dovetail Partners will highlight opportunities to take advantage of the unique carbon-storing properties of wood, while also gaining recognition in carbon markets.


“Forest managers need to understand the implications of carbon and climate change policy and make use of sustainability guidelines that can balance diverse needs,” says DeBonis.


“Global climate protocol negotiators recognize that carbon comprises about one half the mass of dry wood in long-lived wooden structures, furniture, finished goods and a myriad of other durable products made of wood.  This unique characteristic of wood provides a unique and significant opportunity for wood to be part of a carbon solution,” says Bowyer.


The Working Forests and Carbon event  will be held at the Long Lake Conservation Center in Palisade Minnesota from June 9th -10th and is organized by the Aitkin County Land Department, The Forest Guild, Northeastern Area - US Forest Service, and Dovetail Partners.


More information about the event and online registration is available at: