FSC-US and Alliance renew commitment to Family Forest Certification

(Mpls, MN) – The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-US and the FSC Family Forests Alliance have renewed their agreement to work together on common goals for supporting family forest certification.


“Small holders continue to be under-represented in the FSC forest certification program,” said Ian Hanna, FSC-US Director of Business Development. “We are continuing to make every effort to increase the engagement of family forest owners in the FSC program and our relationship with the FSC Family Forests Alliance is an important component of this effort.”


Since 2006, the FSC Family Forests Alliance has provided a national mechanism for bringing together individuals and organizations committed to promoting responsible forest stewardship through FSC standards. The Alliance provides a forum for communication, cooperation, and information sharing.


“The Alliance has worked to shine a light on the challenges that family forest owners face when pursuing certification and we’ve worked with our partners to create solutions and demonstrate working models of successful family forest engagement,” said Kathryn Fernholz, Executive Director of Dovetail Partners, a Minneapolis-based non-profit, and current Secretariat of the FSC Family Forests Alliance.


Participants in the Alliance include family forest owners, private companies, technical service providers and diverse organizations that support the Alliance’s goals. Participants work together to pursue issues of common interest, learn from one another, and aim to enlarge the community of landowners and small businesses practicing responsible forestry.


The renewed Memorandum of Understanding between FSC-US and FFA reaffirms each organization’s commitment to advance family forest certification in the U.S.  Through collaborations in the past, the organizations have worked together on the review of the FSC’s forest management certification standards and the development of tools that are specific to family forests. Among recent joint products are an FSC Group Operations Manual template and a policy recognizing management plans written to current federal Forest Stewardship Program guidelines as being consistent with FSC family forestry indicators.


“With the launch of the new FSC forest management standard and the inclusion of Family Forest Indicators for streamlining the audit process, there are new opportunities to provide services and benefits to woodland owners,” said Fernholz.




For more information about FSC-US:  http://www.fscus.org


For more information about the FSC Family Forests Alliance:  http://www.familyforestalliance.org