Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network Launches New Website with Focus on Resources and Building Community Connections



(Minneapolis, MN) - The Fire Adapted Communities (FAC) Learning Network, a national network of partners working to promote wildfire risk assessment, risk reduction, and wildfire safety, recently launched a new and improved website with a focus on sharing high quality resources and cultivating community connections and partnerships. The FAC Network supports local leaders, home owners, land managers and firefighters in increasing their communities' resilience to wildfire through connecting leaders; sharing success stories and lessons learned; and creating and sharing wildfire tools and resources. The new FAC Network website is visually appealing, easily navigable and geared towards membership growth.


Core FAC Members currently consist of seventeen regionally diverse organizations throughout the U.S. who have committed to implementing, assessing and sharing their work to address wildfire resiliency within their respective communities. Dovetail Partners serves as the Upper Midwest FAC Hub Coordinator and is involved in assisting with community-driven wildfire risk reduction efforts in the region. Dovetail is involved with data compilation, analysis of existing programs and partnerships, and working with partners to develop future strategies for program implementation and partnership growth.


For the first time, the FAC Network is urging fire adapted community organizations and individuals outside of existing Core Members to join as Affiliate Members. Affiliate Members are encouraged to add themselves to the new interactive FAC Network map, make use of FAC Network resources, and connect with Core Members to learn and share communuity-based wildfire resiliency tools and tips. FAC resources include informational blog posts, fact sheets, field guides, videos, posters, presentations, handouts, articles, webinar recordings and the FAC Self-Assessment Tool. Affiliate Members will gain access to a national forum in order to share information and connect with peers to further strengthen their work.


"The new website is a robust source of information and enables wildfire practitioners to more easily connect with peers across the country," says Kathryn Fernholz, Dovetail Partners' Executive Director.


To view the new FAC Network website, visit:


To join the FAC Network as an Affiliate Member, visit:



About the Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network
The FAC Learning Network is an active, engaged and growing network of individuals and organizations who exchange information, collaborate to enhance the practice of fire adapted communities, and work together at multiple scales to help communities live safely with fire. This includes embracing resiliency concepts and taking action before, during and after wildfires. To learn more about fire adapted communities and available resources and opportunities for reducing wildfire risks, visit: