Forest Policy Forum Report Highlights Carbon-Related Benefits of Managed Forests


(Minneapolis, MN) - A new report, Forest Policy Forum: A Forest Carbon Future, highlights the carbon-related benefits of managed forests and the array of products those forests produce - from lumber to paper and packaging to energy. The Forest Policy Forum is a collaborative effort amongst forest sector and forest industry leaders and stakeholders that came together to identify opportunities and solutions for our collective forest carbon future.


Forest Policy Forum: A Forest Carbon Future establishes five Carbon Principles and key opportunities for maintaining and growing managed forests in the United States and encouraging the use of forest-based products, while enhancing the carbon benefits from the forest products industry as a whole. These principles focus on recognizing the carbon-related benefits of managed forests in order to address long-term carbon challenges. The five Carbon Principles laid out in the report support healthy, resilient and growing forests through the promotion of forest-based products, public policy, market mechanisms and industry innovation.


"Since forests and forest products sequester so much of our annual carbon emissions, they play an important role in mitigating climate change and its associated impacts," states Kathryn Fernholz, Dovetail Partners' Executive Director. "Opportunities exist for better integration of traditional forest management practices and managing forests for carbon in order to retain forestlands and create additional markets for forest-based goods."


The Forest Policy Forum report is available for download online at:



About the Forest Policy Forum
The Forest Products Forum came together as a voluntary group in January of 2013 to identify issues of consequence to the broad forest sector, and develop plans for how they might be addressed. Participants in the Forum come from a broad cross section of forest sector participants and stakeholder
s. Leaders in the forestry and forest products community who recognize how central carbon issues are to the industry met to identify key areas to strengthen alignment of the industry within the broader public discourse. The Forum represents leadership in the industry. Initial work by the Forest Policy Forum has focused on the question of how to ensure the conversation and evolving policy around carbon recognizes that forests and forest products are part of the solution as we move toward a lower carbon world.