Forum for FSC Group Certificate Managers on Sustainable Woods Network


Family Forest Alliance Partners offer opportunity for Group Managers to Network

The new forum is dedicated to helping potential and current FSC group managers share solutions, documents, and - as needed - frustrations.

To view postings navigate to and click on the "Network Forum" link in the upper right. Among the forums listed you'll see "Group Certification System Development". Clicking on this link will open a list of threads on different topics related to FSC group certification development and maintenance. Anyone can read postings, but you must follow a simple registration procedure in order to post replies. (Note: Registering for this forum does not require joining the Sustainable Woods Network proper. Use the 'Register' link in the 'Network Forum' area of the site, not the 'Apply to Join' link on the main page -- that's for organizations looking to market wood products.)


For more information about the FSC Family Forest Alliance, click here.