Green Building Workshops Offer Personal Assistance Opportunity

Companies Registering Five or More Participants Will Receive Free Consultation With the Experts


(Madison, WI) – Do you have questions about green that you’d rather not share with a room full of people? Maybe your questions are specific to your business, one of your clients or a new venture? Would you like personalized answers without having to retain a costly consultant? If you’d like to learn about green privately and without having to sign a service contract, register to attend one of the upcoming Green Building Workshops.


Each one-day Green Building Workshop will provide the information needed to understand green trends impacting the building sector and how your company can benefit from them. From explaining the national and regional green building programs to providing the details needed to make decisions, you will walk away with greater understanding, greater confidence and greater marketing potential.



A company registering five or more people to attend a single workshop will receive a free, private consultation with the expert presenters. The company attendees will have the opportunity, in a one-on-one setting, to ask questions from authorities on life cycle assessment, green building program standards, chain-of-custody certification, environmental marketing and other topics of their choosing.



"These workshops are designed to ensure that companies, organizations and individuals throughout the region are empowered to capitalize on green marketing opportunities," says Stefan Bergmann, Executive Vice President of the Forest Products Society.




The Green Building Workshops will be held on October 14 in Madison, WI; October 28 in Lansing, MI; and November 5 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Minneapolis workshop will also be available online.


The workshops are being hosted by the Forest Products Society and the Great Lakes Forest Alliance, with diverse partnerships and supporters including Dovetail Partners, Blandin Foundation, Society of American Foresters, TECO, California Redwood Association, Wisconsin DNR, USDA Forest Service, Michigan DNR, American Wood Council and Woodworks.


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