Join Dovetail Partners at Biochar & Bioenergy 2019




Opportunities for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and researchers


(Minneapolis, MN) - Join Dovetail Partners, a Minneapolis-based environmental think tank, at Biochar & Bioenergy 2019 from June 30th to July 3rd, 2019 in Fort Collins, CO on the Colorado State University campus.


Harry Groot, Associate with Dovetail Partners, will be presenting on the three year Biomass Research and Development Initiative (BRDI) sponsored study of biochar’s effects on soil and crops in collaboration with Virginia Tech and the University of Minnesota.  The presentation will explain how the project is exploring the effects of biochar in various soils and on various crops in 12 locations across the continental US.


Biochar 2019 is facilitated by the US Biochar Initiative and Bioenergy Alliance Network of the Rockies and is the largest event in North America dedicated to advancing the sustainable production and use of biochar through scientific and engineering research, policy development, field practice, and technology transfer.


This year's theme, "From Biomass to Biochar & Bioenergy - Bridging Science and Opportunities" will provide technical topics to accommodate a variety of professional interests, including: Remediation and Restoration; Agriculture, Forestry and Soils; Urban Landscapes; Water, Wastewater and Biosolids; Commercialization, Production and Distribution; Regulatory Policy, Innovative Financing, and Watershed Resiliency and Adaptation.


Attendees can expect to:

  • Learn about ground breaking scientific research and technologies
  • Discover the benefits that biochar can provide
  • Hear from biochar experts about ways to restore and remediate our watersheds
  • Connect with leading biochar businesses, producers and distributors


Biochar & Bioenergy 2019 will be held in Fort Collins, Colorado, at the Lory Student Center on the Colorado State University campus.  For more information and to register, visit



For more information about biochar, please see the Dovetail Reports "Biochar 101: An Introduction to an Ancient Product Offering Modern Opportunities" and "Biochar as an Innovative Wood Product: A Look at Barriers to Realization of its Full Potential" and Survey And Analysis Of the US Biochar Industry.