Kathryn Fernholz Selected for Regional Leadership Project



Kathryn Fernholz, Executive Director of Dovetail Partners, is one of twenty-six leaders from a five-state northern Great Plains region invited to participate in the Meadowlark Project: A Leadership Laboratory on the Future of the Northern Great Plains. The Meadowlark Project is an intensive 18-month social change project designed to find new ways to address long-standing, systemic problems in the region.



The selected members of the Leadership Laboratory Team represent the range of community sectors ( industry, agriculture, media, arts, government, religion and non-profit), the states in the NGP region (North Dakota, Minnesota, South Dakota, Iowa and Nebraska), as well as the growing diversity of the region. Each participant has committed 30 full days of time over the next 18 months.



The Project will approach its goal of demonstrating that the northern Great Plains can be a place of opportunity for all people by focusing its work on some of the most complex problems that the region faces including: migration of youth from rural areas; on-going racial divisions; hidden and insidious poverty; increased non-resident land ownership; implications of global warming for our land use and water availability; impacts of rapidly changing national and global economic structures; and a belief that the region must accept whatever future the market determines for it.



The Meadowlark Project is organized by Northern Great Plains Inc. (NGP), a Fargo-based non-profit research, demonstration and convening organization committed to maximizing the potential of the northern Great Plains through multi-sector collaboration. NGP is partnering with the Sustainability Institute and Generon Consulting. The Leadership Lab Team will work with and learn from global leaders such as Adam Kahane, Hal Hamilton, Susan Stickley, Brian Arthur and others.