More Green Building Planned for Rural Minnesota


Dovetail Partners Plans New Projects in Warren and Greenbush

Minneapolis, Minn. (4/2/07) – Hundreds of new homes are built in rural Minnesota each year, and with any luck more and more of those houses will feature green building practices such as energy-efficient design and the use of local materials.



“A well-designed house can be more affordable to heat and cool, and it can also be a more comfortable home to live in,” says Alison Lindburg, Director of the Ecoaffordable Houing Program at Dovetail Partners.



Dovetail Partners, a non-profit organization based in Minneapolis, is working with several partners to develop two new projects in northwestern Minnesota that will help demonstrate the benefits of green building.



Karl Frigaard of the Northwest Community Action Alliance has been highly involved with green building education in the area. “There are a lot of opportunities to try new energy efficient technologies up here, and we definitely need the housing, so it's a perfect fit.”



The Blandin Foundation also recently awarded a grant to support the effort.


“Housing can be a big economic development driver in small communities,” says Wade Fauth, Grants Director for the Blandin Foundation. “Linking housing projects with green building programs that encourage the use of local materials and local resources can help amplify the community benefits.”



The new projects are being planned in Warren and Greenbush, Minnesota.



The City of Warren is located in Marshall County and the Red River Valley region of Minnesota. The city suffered severe flood damage in 1997 and 2002 with dozens of homes destroyed. In 2006, a water diversion structure was complete and the floodplain is being redrawn to allow for redevelopment.



“We need to rebuild homes that were lost in the floods,” says Phil Thompson, Economic Development Authority Chairman for the City of Warren. “And we decided that while we're at it, why not make them energy-efficient and use some local products as well.”



The green building project in Warren is expected to include a number of single-family homes and multi-family housing on a brownfield cleanup site.



“We are working to design a project that meets community needs and accomplishes a few extra things along the way,” says Alison Lindburg, Program Director with Dovetail Partners.



The City of Greenbush is just down the road in Roseau County. The project in Greenbush will help respond to the housing demand created by the expansions at Central Boiler, Inc. The new homes will include fireplaces from the local manufacturer.


“We're excited about the growth that we are realizing,” says Steve Muzzy of Central Boiler. “It's good to be able to provide local jobs and to see more new homes.”




For further information: Alison Lindburg, Dovetail Partners Inc., tel: 612-333-0430