New Eco-Link Explores Relationship Between Forests and Water Quality

How Forests Improve the Supply and Quality of Our Water


(Mpls, MN) -, an online environmental education resource hub, announces the release of a new Eco-Link publication, Forests & Water Quality: How Forests Improve the Supply and Quality of Our Water.


Less than two percent of the planet's water is suitable for human use, thus it is of utmost importance that we protect it. One way to do this is through our care of forested watersheds. This new Eco-Link explores the relationship between forested watersheds and water quality, depicting the ways in which forests are able to maintain clean, healthy, fresh water sources. Examples of cities and regions that care for water quality through the protection and management of forested watersheds illustrate succesful partnerships and land use models.


"It has been shown time and time again that healthy forested watersheds improve water quality and reduce water treatment costs," states Kathryn Fernholz, Executive Director. "The link between clean water and forests is crystal clear and so imporant for students to understand because it directly affects us all."


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