New Eco-Link Explores Relationship Between Materials and the Environment

Raw materials consumption triggers substantial global environmental impacts


(Minneapolis, MN) -, an online environmental education resource hub, announces the release of a new Eco-Link publication, Materials and the Environment.


Basic raw material extraction is increasing as world population and economies grow, and competition for raw materials is rising. Each one of us, each day, depends upon raw materials gleaned from mines, forests, or farms around the world. Amounts needed depend directly upon consumption levels. Beyond the reality that high import levels will bring increasing societal costs, high consumption should bring with it recognition of the environmental impacts of that consumption as well as willingness to assume responsibility for those impacts. An alternative to taking action that serves to simply shift extraction activity and impacts elsewhere is action to reduce consumption.'s Eco-Links are a great way to learn about forest ecosystems and explore related fields, issues and options. Eco-links are available as free PDF downloads on and may also be purchased in hard-copy.


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