New Eco-Link Highlights Citizen Science History, Process, Benefits and Room for Improvement


A tool for crowdsourcing field data


(Minneapolis, MN) -, an online environmental education resource hub, announces the release of a new Eco-Link publication titled, "Citizen Science: A Tool for Crowdsourcing Data". Eco-Links are a great way to learn about forest ecosystems and explore related fields, issues and options. They are available as free PDF downloads on the website.


For scientists, gathering large data sets for research can be a daunting task. Oftentimes it requires significant investments in time and money, especially if travel is required to complete the task. For non-scientists, opportunities to contribute to scientific inquiry and discovery can seem few and far between. Fortunately for today's scientists and non-scientists alike, the rise of the Internet has given prominence to 'citizen science'.


Citizen science is the term used to describe the process of gathering empirical information by means of crowdsourcing data. Data compiled from these inquiries may inform research trends (or lack thereof) that occur on local, state, national, and international levels. 


Wider use of citizen science still has its obstacles, especially in the way of participant diversity and data credibility. Nevertheless, it can be wielded as a powerful tool by scientists and non-scientists alike. The growing commitment to and acceptance of citizen science suggests that it is here to stay - and evolve - for many, many years to come. 


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