New Partnership for Family Forest Certification

FSC-US and Family Forests Alliance Sign MOU


Minneapolis, Minn. (9/20/07) - Engaging family forestlands in certification opportunities is of increasing importance. A growing number of economic, ecological and social interests recognize the role private lands play in forest health and community vitality.



“Family forests represent a large proportion of the forest matrix in the United States and family landowners are core contributors to forest stewardship,” says Ned Daly, Chief Operating Officer of the Forest Stewardship Council – US (FSC-US).



For nearly a year, the FSC-US has been working with a new partner, the FSC Family Forests Alliance (FFA) to identify strategies and opportunities to engage more family forest owners in the benefits of certification.



“There are at least 10 million family forest owners in the United States, so partnerships are critical to engaging these landowners and making headway on the challenges,” says Kathryn Fernholz, Secretariat for the Family Forests Alliance and Executive Director of Dovetail Partners.



To continue to advance common interests, the FSC-US and FFA recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to help define their collaborative efforts for the coming year.



“Both organizations are engaged in a number of activities and efforts related to advancing family forest stewardship. This MOU lays out the key priorities and a shared game plan for the next twelve months,” says Ian Hanna, Alliance organizer, Director of Northwest Certified Forestry and FSC-US board member.







The FSC Family Forests Alliance has been created to provide a national mechanism for bringing together individuals and organizations committed to promoting responsible forest stewardship through FSC standards. By creating a forum for communication, cooperation, and information sharing, participants in the Alliance can pursue issues of common interest, learn from one another, and enlarge the community of landowners and small businesses practicing responsible forestry. For more information:



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