New Report Dissects the International Green Construction Code

Highlighting impacts for materials used in commercial construction


(Mpls, MN) – A new report released from Dovetail Partners digests the recently announced International Green Construction Code (IgCC).  The report focuses on the impacts the code will have on the selection of building materials for commercial construction projects.


“Made public in March, the code is already impacting construction projects across the country – from Maryland to Arizona and from Washington to Florida,” says Kathryn Fernholz, Executive Director of Dovetail Partners. “It is essential that the building materials sector get up-to-speed on the new code and be prepared to meet customers needs for compliance.”



The new Dovetail report provides a concise 14-page summary of the major elements of the code, including the mandatory requirements for Material Resource Conservation and Efficiency.



“The IgCC includes a mandate that boils down to the “55 percent rule”, which requires at least 55 percent of the total building materials be reused, recycled, bio-based, or sourced from with 500 miles of the site,” says Dr. Jim Bowyer, lead author of the report and Director of the Responsible Materials Program for Dovetail Partners.  “This mandate has the potential to dramatically impact material selection and activities related to material sourcing.”



For project developers that want to avoid the “55 percent rule”, there is the option of completing a whole building Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).  The LCA must demonstrate at least a 20 percent measurable environmental improvement over alternative designs for selected impact measures.



“The incentive to use whole building LCA is an important step forward in green building design and will help expand project developer’s understanding of the impacts of their design and material selection decisions,” says Wayne Trusty, a co-author on the report and experienced LCA scientist.



The report is available to download from the Dovetail Partners website:





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