New Report Reveals How "Green" Business Practices Positively Impact Bottom Line

Environmental Performance Saves Money, Boosts Profitability and Increases Operating Efficiency


(Mpls, MN) — A report released today by Dovetail Partners, Inc., an environmental think tank, challenges all businesses — even service providers — to rethink their environmental performance and recognize the benefits it can bring to a company’s bottom line.


“There is solid evidence to demonstrate that environmental performance can be a huge competitive advantage, even for service-based companies,” noted Kathryn Fernholz, executive director, Dovetail Partners. “The steps Cities Management took, and the results they’ve been able to demonstrate, are really quite remarkable. This report is meant to inspire other companies by highlighting the positive impact environmental responsibility can make in cost savings, increased profitability, and a more satisfied workforce.”


A Case Study In Cost Savings, Increased Profitability and Employee Performance


The report, “Greening A Company: A Case Study of Cities Management, Inc.,” takes an in-depth look at Cities Management, a 30 year-old property management company in Minneapolis. What started as rudimentary office recycling efforts 20 years ago has dramatically transformed the company today.


The full seven-page report details the steps Cities Management took — from redesigning its office space to implementing sustainable staff policies to creating and developing online software — that reduced the company’s environmental impact and dramatically improved information management. At the same time, Cities Management created a more energy-efficient workplace, recognized significant cost savings, and improved overall profitability. Highlights of the report’s findings include:

  • Profitability in the 10-18% range (three times higher than the industry average of 3-6%
  • Annual cost savings of $4,300 per employee
  • Employee turn-over reduced from 50-60% to 10-15%, with additional savings from a reduced need to train new employees
  • Telecommuting savings of an estimated 125,000 miles of commuting each year, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 43 tons annually, and saving each employee about $100 per month in gas expense.

“We’re pleased that Dovetail Partners is taking steps to inform the public about the real bottom-line benefits of solid environmental performance,” noted Traci Lehman, president, Cities Management. “Cities Management is proof that a company can be responsible and successful. We hope that by sharing our green story, we will encourage other companies to take steps that are good for the environment and good for business.”


For More Information

A complete copy of “Greening A Company: A Case Study of Cities Management, Inc.” is available for download here:



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