New Reports Address Water Quality, Stormwater, and Forests

Innovative management and responsible forestry key to protecting water quality


(Mpls, MN) – Two new reports from Dovetail Partners, an environmental think tank based in Minneapolis, take a close look at the importance of protecting water resources through innovative stormwater management and responsible forestry practices.


“In many ways, water is our most essential natural resource,” said Kathryn Fernholz, Executive Director for Dovetail Partners. “The land use decisions we make have a dramatic effect on water quality and the integrity of these resources.”


Dovetail’s report Innovative Approaches to Municipal Stormwater Managementhighlights green infrastructure techniques and some of the unique approaches being taken by municipalities around the U.S that are working to protect water quality.


In contrast to traditional grey infrastructure, green infrastructure captures rainwater on-site and reduces stormwater runoff. Green infrastructure includes techniques like green roofs and rain gardens as well as use of alternative materials.


Trees are an important part of a city’s green infrastructure.  Planting trees increases the amount of naturally pervious surfaces, which allow water to remain where it falls. Trees also capture incoming precipitation and store it within their leaves and branches, a process known as interception storage. Depending on the size and species of a tree, it can effectively store 100 gallons of water or more.  This storage reduces runoff during storm events.


Dovetail’s second report Growing Forests for Water” shares case studies of municipal water supplies from around the United States and approaches to protecting surface waters through the use and enhancement of responsible forest management.  Recent research has found that more than 52 million people in the Northeast and Midwest regions of the United States rely on surface water for municipal drinking water.


“From New York to Seattle, Americans depend on water resources that flow from forests,” said Fernholz.  “The benefits of responsible private and public lands forestry in these watersheds include wildlife habitat, diverse products and services, recreation and jobs --- all in addition to providing clean water.”


More information, and these reports are available at the Dovetail website:


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