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(Minneapolis, MN) - Give to the Max Day 2014, a day in Minnesota that highlights charitable giving by individuals to support local non-profits and schools, will occur on November 13th. As of November 1st you can schedule a Give to the Max Day donation to Dovetail Partners by visiting


Much of Dovetail's work is funded through donations from people like you who recognize the importance of good information to making decisions. It is our fundamental philosophy that our information should be shared freely with all, and to that end we don't charge for our newsletter and we don't take advertisements. We believe that staying independent is important, and that the needs of people, the environment, and our economies are intertwined in ways that require good science and thoughtful consideration. Our aim is to help sort through complex issues and help people like you come to the best conclusions possible.


Your individual donation is critical for Dovetail to remain an independent voice on today's key issues.


Please join us as we champion the delivery of trustworthy, science-based environmental information. Our work focuses on informing public and private decision making everyday.  Help us to continue serving as an environmental thought leader by scheduling your Give to the Max Day donation today!


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