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(Mpls, MN) – Do you know which is greener – wool carpet, cork flooring or linoleum? Do you have questions about the impacts of renewable energy? Are you looking for a trusted source of environmental information?


Dovetail Partners, a Minneapolis-based non-profit, delivers news, information and commentary about environmental issues and trends.


“We provide authoritative information about the impacts and trade-offs of environmental decisions, including consumption choices, land use, and policy alternatives,” says Kathryn Fernholz, Dovetail’s Executive Director.




With more than 80 reports available, Dovetail has added new insights to debates such as:
- Assessing the environmental impacts of bamboo and other rapidly-renewable materials
- Accounting for long-lived wood products in carbon credit protocols
- Developing effective green building programs and standards

- Responsible bioenergy and biofuels development


“When you are a supporter of Dovetail Partners you ensure that we continue to be a trusted source of environmental information,” says Fernholz.


Here is what some of Dovetail’s readers have had to say:

- Dovetail reports are exceptionally well done, and constitute one of the best sources of information on energy, green building, and certification. – Madison, WI
- Your reports are outstanding. – Minneapolis, MN
- I really enjoy reading articles by Dovetail. They are the smartest and most relevantreading that I have found anywhere. Keep up the good work!!!!  - Boise, ID
- I really appreciate the work that you do. Your reports are timely, credible and unbiased. –  Portland, OR
- Dovetails Newsletter is the only on-line newsletter that I always read. -Anonymous
I always look forward to your newsletters and find them very useful. It is rare when I don't find something there to forward to a colleague. – Ann Arbor, MI


Dovetail’s work has been re-printed and cited in publications and media outlets as diverse as a Congressional Research Service Report, Doors and Hardware magazine, the Forest Products Journal, Conservation Magazine and Environmental Design + Construction.


“If you agree that high quality environmental information is needed, your support of Dovetail makes a difference,” says Fernholz.


So, which is greener – wool carpet, cork flooring or linoleum? And what are the impacts of renewable energy?


“Dovetail’s reports answer these questions and summarize the environmental data that shows the life cycle impacts of cork are less than those of linoleum and wool carpeting. Our series of reports on bioenergy highlight both the challenges and opportunities of renewable energy,” says Fernholz.


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