University of Minnesota LearningLife Program July 19th with Dr. Jim Bowyer


(Minneapolis, MN) - Dr. Jim Bowyer will be presenting in the University of Minnesota's LearningLife Program on July 19th.

The event Constant Craving: The Politics of Privileged Consumption will be held from 9am to Noon at the Twin Cities Continuing Education & Conference Center and registration is open online.

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Event Description:

Constant Craving: The Politics of Privileged Consumption 
July 19th, 9am - noon, Twin Cities Continuing Education & Conference Center  

World population will increase by two to four billion within this century, and the global economy will grow even more rapidly. This will require more food, housing, clothing, energy, and products and raw materials of all kinds. Providing for needs and wants while also protecting the environment will be extraordinarily challenging.

A complication is the fundamental change that is already underway. Countries long defined by low per capita incomes are now experiencing rapid economic growth and rising consumption. They are also becoming significant competitors for raw materials, triggering concerns about environmental impacts and rising potential for resource conflicts.

In short, the economic genie is out of the bottle, creating a new reality for all nations and profound implications for the select club of the most economically developed nations which for the past six or seven decades have set the world agenda. How these nations, including the US, interact with the rest of the world, maintain their economies, obtain and use raw materials, and protect their environments, will undergo significant change.

This seminar will examine global macro-trends and how these are impacting both the global raw materials picture and the environment. Discussion will focus on the US and what these changes are likely to mean in the near and more distant futures. 

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The Irresponsible Pursuit of Paradise, cover image
Recommended: Jim Bowyer, The Irresponsible Pursuit of Paradise (Levins Publishing, 2016).
The book examines global trends - including explosive global economic expansion and resource consumption, ongoing population growth, and rising environmental impacts of raw material procurement. Noting that rapidly rising raw material consumption in developing nations dramatically changes the century-long dominance of the economic elite in global raw material markets, Bowyer suggests that changes are needed on the part of the U.S. and other affluent nations in order to avoid economic disruption and resource conflicts.

The Irresponsible Pursuit of Paradise is available from Itasca Books (, and will be the focus of a half-day, non-credit University of Minnesota Learning Life seminar: Constant Craving: The Politics of Privileged Consumption  on July 19. ( Wednesday, July 19, 9am - noon, $70 registration.

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