Webinar Series for Green Forest Products

Five Online Events Planned Between January and April


(St. Paul, MN) –  A series of webinars offered by the Forest Products Management Development Institute (FPMDI),  Department of Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering and Dovetail Partners will address key aspects of green marketing and related trends.  The series, Positioning for Green – Opportunities for Forest Products, includes five online events that participants can access from their offices or home computers.


For many people, positioning is about the location of their building, or the spot their product takes on the shelves of the retailer. An organization’s position is really about the image customers have of that organization.


“Above all, the positioning process is strategic, as it sets the context by which the relationship between the organization and its vendors and customers is built; and it establishes the basis upon which the organization attempts to compete,” says Dr. Jeff Howe, an expert on green business and green marketing, and one of the webinar presenters.


The five webinars will address green building, forest certification and chain of custody certification, and marketing of green products, including certified wood.


“In recent years, more and more companies have been getting on the green bandwagon, and this trend is impacting the playing field and adding new dimensions to the competitive marketplace,” says Dr. Jim Bowyer, an international expert on green building programs and responsible materials, and another presenter in the series.


Today’s trends include the fact that Twitter-length attention spans have met Internet access and generated customers that are well informed, demanding, and have unlimited options. Increasingly, these customers are looking for green products.


“The learning curve to achieving improved environmental performance can be steep, and a strategy of waiting for competitors to act first can translate into significant delays and lost opportunities,” says Bowyer.


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