Webinar to Address Bioenergy and Climate Policies and the Impact on Existing Forest Products Industries

(Mpls, MN) – Dovetail Partners and the Wood Education and Resource Center will be delivering a free webinar on June 28th addressing impacts of bioenergy development on the forest products industry, including implications of existing and proposed policies and incentives related to climate change and bioenergy production.


The webinar will report the results of the project “Potential Impacts of Climate and Energy Policy on Forest Sector Industries: Providing Incentives for Bio-energy While Protecting Established Biomass-Based Industries” completed by Dovetail Partners with funding from the Wood Education and Resource Center, a USDA Forest Service facility.


The lead researcher on the project and presenter for the webinar will be Dr. Jim Bowyer, Director of Dovetail Partners’ Responsible Materials Program and an international expert on biomass industries and bioenergy developments.


The webinar will address the impacts of policy initiatives on existing industries, including forest products manufacturers of composite panels, hardwood lumber, and paper, and will also touch on impacts to the forest harvesting sector.  Potential long-term implications of rising energy prices – whether resulting from market forces or public policy – will also be discussed.


Bowyer acknowledges that all industries will need to increase energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions going forward, and that there is a proper role for public policy in encouraging these developments.  But, he says, “It is very important that policy instruments be developed with attention to the potential for unintended consequences.”


“The potential for missteps in bioenergy policy is particularly great since biomass has considerable utility, both as an essential raw material for established value-added industries, and as a source of energy,” noted Bowyer.


The study was developed in recognition of the fact that proposed policies and incentives have the potential to impact the global competitiveness of key industries and long-established biomass-based industries. The project report examines the European experience with bioenergy subsidies and incentives, identifies public policy initiatives that have the potential to impact the domestic wood products industry, and considers how bioenergy policies and programs might be modified so as to achieve optimum results for bioenergy producers and established wood-based industries alike.


The results of the project will be shared through a final report and the upcoming webinar, with the goal of increasing understanding on the part of both policymakers, the hardwood industry, and the forest products industry generally, of the impact of recently enacted and proposed policies.


The webinar is scheduled for 1:00PM Central/2:00PM Eastern on June 28th. Information about registering for the webinar is available athttps://www.surveymonkey.com/s/bioenergywebinarThe webinar is free, but participants are asked to pre-register by June 24th.  Registered participants will receive instructions for joining the webinar via email on June 27th.




About the Wood Education and Resource Center
The Wood Education and Resource Center, located in Princeton, WV is a USDA Forest Service facility. The WERC mission is to facilitate interaction and information exchange with the forest products industry to enhance opportunities for sustained forest products production in the eastern hardwood forest region of the United States.


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