Webinar to Address Carbon Storage in Urban Wood Products

(Mpls, MN) – Dovetail Partners and the Wood Education and Resource Center will be delivering a free webinar on Friday, June 3rd that addresses carbon storage in products made from urban trees.


The webinar will report the results of the project “Carbon Storage Factors for Urban Hardwood Forest Products” completed by Dovetail Partners with funding from the Wood Education and Resource Center, a USDA Forest Service facility.


The researchers on the project and presenters for the webinar will be Dr. Steve Bratkovich and Dr. Sam Sherrill.  Both presenters are recognized experts and published authors on the topics of urban forest products, marketing and utilization.


Bratkovich and Sherrill will report on the results of their study that focused on developing specific carbon storage factors for urban hardwood products including solid wood products, landscape mulch and fuel. The study investigated the question of whether urban hardwood products contribute to the net reduction of both emitted and atmospheric CO2. Existing research on commercial products plus anecdotal urban timber harvesting experience suggest that urban hardwood products may reduce CO2 at least as much if not more than commercial (rural) forest products.


Sherrill said, “ Our goal for the study was to develop a method of estimating carbon sequestration for an array of urban hardwood products that could be produced from trees that are routinely removed because of pests, storm damage and other reasons from our nation’s cities and towns.”


The webinar is scheduled for 10:00am Central/11:00am Eastern on June 3rd.  Information about registering is available athttp://tinyurl.com/carboninurbanwoodThe webinar is free, but participants are asked to pre-register online by May 31st. Registered participants will receive instructions for joining the webinar via email on June 1st.




About the Wood Education and Resource Center
The Wood Education and Resource Center, located in Princeton, WV is a USDA Forest Service facility. The WERC mission is to facilitate interaction and information exchange with the forest products industry to enhance opportunities for sustained forest products production in the eastern hardwood forest region of the United States.


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