Dovetail News Releases

Date Article Title
7/28/08 Aitkin-Itasca 70-Mile OHV Trail EAW Now Available
6/23/08 Great Lakes Surges in Forest Certification
6/6/08 Mississippi State to Lead Exploration of Forest Sector Business Clustering
5/27/08 FSC Identifies Next Steps for Family Forest Certification
4/28/08 Dovetail Partners Says Carbon Credits Should be More Inclusive
4/16/08 Family Forest Certification Moves Forward
3/19/08 As a City Rebuilds, Green is the Way to Go
2/15/08 70-Mile Trail Project Moves Forward
12/4/07 Kick-Off Meetings Held for 70-Mile Trail Project
11/5/07 Forest Stewardship Council-US Announces Third Annual Designing & Building with FSC Award
11/1/07 Recreational Trail Planned for Aitkin and Itasca Counties
10/17/07 Dovetail Partners Establishes Project Manager for Recycling & Reuse
10/8/07 Morris to Participate in Dovetail's Eco-Affordable Housing Program
9/26/07 Green Building Standards Challenged by Authority on Environmental Impacts of Building Materials
9/20/07 New Partnership for Family Forest Certification