Dovetail News Releases

Date Article Title
2/23/07 Forum for FSC Group Certificate Managers on Sustainable Woods Network
2/15/07 Verso Paper Founding Sponsor of Family Forests Alliance
2/9/07 A two-story demonstration of local products
2/1/07 Reinventing America's Hardwood Industry
1/29/07 Forest Investment Translates Into Business Opportunity
1/8/07 Building a house from close to home
12/19/06 Making Sure Your Holidays are Green
12/1/06 FSC Family Forests Alliance Formed
11/28/06 Economics, environment at heart of rural house project
10/5/06 Certification Growing in Aitkin County
10/1/06 A Planning Guide for Small and Medium Size Wood Products Companies
9/9/06 Local Woods Build Local Homes
7/17/06 Green Homes for Rural Communities: Dovetail Launches Eco-Affordable Housing Project in Aitkin
7/1/06 Kathryn Fernholz Selected for Regional Leadership Project
6/19/06 Dovetail Awarded Grant to Support Forest Certification for Family Forestlands