Dawn J. Krueger

Sustainability Supply Chain Manager, 3M

Dawn J. Krueger, QEP, CPEA


Dawn Krueger is Sustainability Supply Chain Manager at 3M.  In this role, she facilitates collaboration among 3M Sustainability, 3M Sourcing and 3M Businesses to address sustainability risk within the supplier network, and set 3M’s strategic direction for supply chain sustainability.  This includes supplier regulatory compliance, supplier risk assessment and improvement processes, and sustainable procurement tools and goals.  A particular area of focus in this work is 3M’s responsible paper procurement program: Dawn led the development of 3M’s industry-leading transparency and sustainable forestry expectations, and partners with 3M Sourcing on implementation within 3M’s global, multi-tier supplier network.  Dawn is also involved in addressing sustainability expectations from 3M customers, as well as strategic projects in 3M’s Environment, Health and Safety organization.


Dawn has been with 3M for 24 years, most in corporate environmental compliance before assuming this sustainability role in 2013.  She has a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Minnesota, and is a native of the Twin Cities area.