Dr. Jeff Howe




Jeffrey Howe, PhD is the Founder of Dovetail Partners, Inc.  


Jeff is passionate about helping leaders and organizations through major periods of change. He has over 40 years successful hands-on leadership experience in the forest products industry, including time as CEO and/or President of several companies. Organizations under Jeff’s leadership have received awards such as MN Handicapped employer of the year, WI Environmental Company of the year, and one company was a Midwest finalist in the prestigious Ernst & Young International Entrepreneur of the Year Award.


Jeff’s research has focused on defining the critical success factors for both the forest products industry and individual companies, and on those economic conditions that transition market benefits back to the natural resource and surrounding communities. He has authored a wide range of articles on issues critical to forestry and forest products, including certification, planning, marketing, and green building. Jeff earned a BS in Biology from Bates College, an MS in Forest Products from the University of Maine, and a PhD in Wood Science & Technology from the University of Minnesota.


In 2014, Jeff published a new book, entitled Unleashing the Power of People : A Guide to Organizing People and Systems. This book provides a detailed guide on how to develop leadership skills as an individual, including communication, facilitation, collaboration and conflict resolution, and to embed them into the systems of your organization (or your part) such that you nurture those abilities throughout. The result is increased motivation, accountability, and results. The goal is to help you make a big difference in yourself and your organization immediately. This book is not about theory, although theory is discussed; it is about immediately defining and implementing the kinds of activities that will make the biggest difference.