Dr. Sarah Stai

Associate Ecologist


Sarah Stai, PhD, has over 15 years of experience as a field biologist, research scientist, educator, and consultant.  She has worked in diverse landscapes, from the prairie potholes of Manitoba to the Brazilian Pantanal, and with wide-ranging subjects, including waterfowl and wading bird ecology, wetland buffer dynamics, aquatic plant ecology, and grassland and tropical forest biodiversity.  Upon transitioning from academia to consulting, Sarah applied her analytical and communications skills to environmental impact assessments, regulatory compliance, and sustainable development education programs involving innovative stormwater management, green building, and conservation design. Key project experience included analysis of wildlife impacts for proposed wind farms, watershed restoration and outreach planning, environmental review and permitting for biofuel production, and research and development of innovative treatment for industrial wastewater.  Current interests include land use, water resources, renewable energy, and sustainable agriculture.  Sarah is self-employed as a freelance writer and editor and an ecological and educational consultant. She earned a BS in Ecology from the University of Minnesota and a PhD in Ecology from the University of Miami. She is a Certified Ecologist with the Ecological Society of America and a LEED Accredited Professional through the U.S. Green Building Council.