Dr. Steve Bratkovich

Project Manager for Recycling & Reuse


Steve Bratkovich, Ph.D., has over three decades of forestry and forest products experience. His areas of expertise include business, marketing and strategic planning; urban wood utilization; primary and secondary wood processing; and sustainable forest management.


Steve has authored over 150 forestry-related publications, articles and reports, and is a frequent contributor to forestry and industry trade journals. He served as an Associate Editor to the Journal of Forestry for six years, and is a ‘contributing writer’ to Sawmill and Woodlot Management magazine with a focus on business management and wood utilization.


In 2002 Steve received the Excellence in Technology Transfer award from the Chief of the USDA Forest Service. Steve has also received outstanding service awards from the Ohio and Minnesota Society of American Foresters. Steve is a member of the Forest Products Society and served recently as a regional board member. Currently, Steve is a self-employed forestry consultant and lives in New Brighton, Minnesota.