Gloria Erickson

Dovetail Associate for Fire Adapted Communities



Gloria Erickson lives in the woods, literally, in Ely, MN. She began her association with Dovetail Partners, Inc. in 2011 when she was hired as the local coordinator for the Legislative-Citizen Commision on Minnesota Resources (LCCMR) funded “Community-Driven Sustainable Bio Energy Project”. This project assisted the communities of Ely and Grand Marais, MN in looking at the feasibility of implemeting Biomass District Heating facilities in their respective communities.


Presently, she is working with Dovetail as their local coordinator in partnership with the Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network program, a national network of partners working to promote wildfire risk assessment, risk reduction and wildfire safety. Gloria’s role is to assist community-driven wildfire risk reduction efforts through data compilation, analysis of existing programs and partnerships, networking, on-the-ground hazardous fuels reduction demonstrations, Firewise education and helping the community develop long term goals, strategies and partnerships for wildfire risk management.