Kim Carlson

Dovetail Speaker


For over 25 years, Kim has been a high profile socially responsible business leader and eco-prenuer. She is founder and owner of five companies that use earth-friendliness as their driving force. She was a pioneer in the green housing movement in the early 90's and since has been a keynote speaker for corporations, universities, governments and consumer groups on sustainability. Kim's speaking engagements have included Target Corporation, Medtronic, Green Pharma, Women Association of MBA's and many others in a variety of sectors. In early 2009, Adams Media published her book, "Green Your Work". In addition to Kim's business success, she finds the time to connect with over 50 million consumers annually on the topic of green living and working. Kim can be seen and heard as a frequent eco-expert, The EarthSmart Consumer, on the Minneapolis affiliate of NBC and ABC television and on many national talk radio and network television shows. She hosted a weekly national radio show, Living the Green Life, and she writes for many national magazines and blogs including Avon Corporation, Minneapolis StarTribune Footprint blog, the Sierra Club Climate Crossroads blog, and in Los Angeles. Her byline as a guest writer can also be found at the Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, The Atlanta Constitution, Better Homes and Gardens, and Real Simple Magazine - to name a few. Kim is currently working on a line of eco-chic retail products for the home.