Linda Stevenson

Dovetail Facilitator


Linda Stevenson, M.A., Principal of Stevenson & Associates, consults with organizations, associations, and communities to unleash creativity and commitment through powerful collaborations.


She specializes in the process of “Open Space” to create a context for meaningful dialogue, to discover hidden talents and resources, to build genuine community, to enhance levels of trust, to experience authentic and adaptive leadership, and to transform potential conflict into effective, efficient results.


For twenty years, she has been a colleague of Harrison Owen, originator of Open Space Technology.  She has designed and led “train the trainer” workshops with him throughout the Midwest including one on his newest book, Wave Rider:  Leadership for High Performance in a Self-Organizing World.


Linda is passionate about intentionally using the simplicity of Open Space to allow an organization to adapt successfully to complex challenges by setting the conditions for the emergence of structures and behaviors neither planned nor predictable, but, nevertheless, the most appropriate, effective, and timely. 


She views Open Space Technology as "training wheels" to remember what we already know how to do and to learn to trust our capacity to do it.  She knows first-hand the power and elegance of the process, and she remains committed to helping organizations experience the benefits of deliberately “opening space.”


Linda has facilitated Open Space for corporations, nonprofits, government agencies, associations, and communities of all sizes in North America.  She has also presented her work at national conferences and local associations. 


Her education includes degrees from Mount Holyoke College and Columbia University as well as doctoral studies at Michigan State University. She serves on the Board of the United State’s Open Space Institute.