Mark Jacobs

Dovetail Associate


Mr. Jacobs brings expertise in public forest management, environmental concerns in the Lake States Region, and experience across the spectrum of silviculture, forest certification, carbon offsets, environmental education, endangered species and habitat needs.


Mark Jacobs served as Land Commissioner for Aitkin County in north-central Minnesota for thirteen years and has a total of almost thirty-nine years of experience in public land management and forestry in the Lake States.  During his tenure, Aitkin County was recognized as one of the first public land managers to achieve third-party certification through the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).  Mark helped propel Aitkin County as a national leader in forest and recreational management of public lands.


Mark has been a leader with the Minnesota Association of County Land Commissioners and had contributed to the growth of the Forest Stewards Guild.  He has been instrumental in research and responsible forest management initiatives, including investigations of migratory songbird populations and the influence of timber harvesting on birds and bats.